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Control Fire Systems Ltd. is a special hazard fire suppression system supply and service company.

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18 Sep 2017


I was recently hired as a health and safety supervisor for a corporate bank in downtown Toronto. One of my first tasks was to look into our current fire safety equipment, and found it wasn't to code. A superior recommended I call Control Fire Systems for the job, and this company did a remarkable one. I ordered quite a lot of equipment/product by the end of it but I'm satisfied.
4 Apr 2017


We just built a facility extension and hired Control Fire for inspections. They were the easiest people to work with and have a huge amount of industry knowledge. When setting up the expansion there was a good deal of paperwork and fire code we needed to understand. All I had to do for Control Fire was talk with them over the phone—they were as good with information as they were with equipment.
23 Jan 2017

Very Impressed

I recently ordered the A, B, C system for my office from Control Fire Systems. I just want to express my gratitude for how helpful the agents were. I got everything ordered and installed in less than two days.
19 Oct 2016

An enjoyable team to deal with

We did a complete retrofit on our Mississauga facility and settled on Control Fire after learning about their reputation. They are a no nonsense supplier in the best sense of the phrase. Very careful and down to business. They worked within our retrofit schedule and had the installation done without problems. Altogether an enjoyable team to deal with.
20 Sep 2016

Ten years

We've been with Control Fire Systems for more than a decade and year-after-year our inspections come back clear and the equipment remains in good shape.

Our fire panel had aged and we replaced it over the summer. I wanted to thank your tech team for the fair advice and the fact that you don't try to upsell unless it's necessary. I like how that Control Fire is honest and straight up. Looking forward to another ten years.
17 Jun 2016

Reassurance after fire

We have a large home that includes an attached workshop space and discovered a couple of months ago that our fire alarms were defective when they didn't detect a fire in an out building.

Control Fire System has resolved this issue and really given reassurance to my wife and myself. We've got a very effective alert and suppression system now with extinguishers and other equipment. Thank you for being responsive and informed regarding home protection.
7 May 2016

Huge range of products

Control Fire System’s has a huge range of products to choose from and their techs know enough to properly explain what you do and don't need. The customer service is outstanding and they come to every job on time. Whether you've got a plant or just a large home, I highly recommend them.
11 Feb 2016

Large, custom built home

I am so thankful to have found Control Fire Systems as they helped us with the setup of our fire alarm and suppression system in a very large, custom built home. They helped us tremendously by providing us with useful information and advice regarding installation and maintenance. Their staff are knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you for your support.
7 Feb 2016

Just what we want

They are really prompt, friendly, and professional. They came out at the beginning of last week and didn’t waste any time at all. They got through the install and inspection quickly with zero errors or fuss. Just what we want in a contractor.
16 Sep 2015

Good work every time

Control Fire System came on time for our scheduled quote on refilling our clean agent cylinder. They did a fast and efficient job and also provided cylinder hydrostatic testing and emergency cylinder recharges in case of any emergencies in the future. This is something like the fifth or sixth time we've used them and it's always gone well. We'll look forward to having CFS come back in future.